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Plant serenade – Music of the plants

Plant serenade – Music of the plants

An intimate serenade played by Simone Vitale on guitar and this lovely plant connected to the U1 device for the music of the plants. A glimpse of the possibility of interspecies communication with plants through music. The U1 device allows plants to produce sounds and to make music. It does so by measuring the electrical resistance of vegetable tissues and transducing it into a MIDI signal (Musical Instruments Digital Interface). The MIDI signal then controls a synthesizer that produces the actual sound.


At first, it might be difficult to assimilate the idea that in the end, the music produced by the plant is not only an automatic outcome of the electrical connection, rather a sort of “awareness” of the plant is also involved. This is what the researchers in Damanhur (the developers of the U1 device) have found out in their forty years research. They say that after some time of being exposed to their own sounds, plants seem to become aware that the sound is coming from them and they start modulating it intentionally.


I witnessed this myself years ago while rehearsing for a live performance. I found myself spending hours playing piano together with a plant and I was witnessing the slow development of the process. The subtle changes in the plant’s music in response to the sound of the piano and its own sound was becoming more and more evident to me.

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