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Man builds a replica of the Great Pyramid and taps into mystical energy

Somewhere around the 1970’s a man named Jim Onan found a University of Wisconsin study on claims that the ancient Egyptians used the Giza pyramids, as possible energy producing devices.

He then set out to perform amateur experiments, trying to recreate the supposedly energy generating properties of the great pyramids.

The story goes he went about testing whether pyramids could produce energy or not by building several small pyramids, and then placing them around his house. Apparently his friends and family began noticing some strange sensations when near the pyramids.

Onan decided to go a step further and construct a huge, 13-foot pyramid and invited his botanist son to plant plants inside the pyramid.

Fantastic claims were made about this alleged experiment, and they said plants grew within this 13 foot pyramid grew to be 3 times what they would have grown normally. No photos exist of this pyramid, or these plants apparently, but this was apparently in the 1970’s or before.

This story is definitely true, because the man eventually built a very large pyramid replica home in Illinois. This is it: the Gold Pyramid Home as it is commonly referred to. It is literally plated with gold.

So does Jim Onan truly believe that his pyramids produce an energy that is beneficial for him and his family residing inside? Most likely: these days people don’t hear much from them, but they used to have a kind of gift shop inside and allowed it to be a tourist attraction.

It was built in 1977, and it is actually plated with real gold. The amazing 17,000 square-foot pyramid roof is entirely composed of stainless steel plates, electroplated with gold. The house is 6 stories tall.

But get this: it is thought to be the largest 24-karat gold plated object ever created.

The property of course also features a triple-pyramid topped three car garage, a 200 ton and 64 foot tall statue of Ramesses II that is larger than the original statue in Egypt, and a metal palm tree.

The home is set on a natural spring and the driveway is decorated with a line of 80- stone sphinxes.

Further described by a website about homes and things like this called You Live Where:

“”You may also notice that the home site is situated on a natural spring, and the water from the spring is so pure that Jim Onan is allowed to bottle and sell it, reportedly. Water also forms a moat that encircles the entire structure. This moat is 20 feet deep and spring-lake fed. Therefore, the pyramid technically resides on an island, and you need to pass over a causeway to access the home. Last but not least, there is a burial mound recreating the tomb of King Tutankhamun on the property.

You cannot presently go inside the home, except on special occasions when tours are offered to the public. However, the walls are adorned with hand-painted hieroglyphs. The basement, originally meant to house a swimming pool until water table problems interfered, is now the theater where Onan greets entering tour groups. The particular contents and design of the upper floors, which contain the bedrooms and observation room towards the “point” of the pyramid, are not clearly known. These sections of the pyramid are never open to the public. According to sources, the house’s interior has a modern colonial and country décor, with just a few Egyptian statutes littering the sitting areas.”

This story is quite amazing and begs the question: what does this guy with enough wealth to build a home like this, know about the properties of gold perhaps, or the shape of the pyramid and the metal his structure is composed of?

Is there a reason why the structure was made out of metal and in that particular shape, so a frequency maybe could flow through it? This seems like something genuinely mysterious could be surrounding it.

Websites noted that the family still lives there, and they have been known to have dogs for protection so no one will try and enter the property. However they are generally friendly with the public.

This is what is looks like inside the Gold Pyramid House. About halfway into the video, it goes into the interior of the home. It’s extravagant looking, and filled with Egyptian ornaments and decorations.


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